Impressive Entry Door Insets & Side lights

Cathedral Lights creates one-of-a-kind stained glass works to be used for decoration and privacy on entry side lights. The panels can be installed inside the existing side lights or “triple glazed,” which means that the stained glass panel is sandwiched between two sheets of clear glass (as the oval entry door inset shown right).

One of the most popular uses of Art glass in homes today is for an artistic welcome to guests as a beveled and/or stained glass inset in entry doors.

Stained glass adds stunning flair to a hall, bathroom, library or any uniquely shaped or oddly placed window.

For example, the octagonal panel shown below was installed in a window that overlooked the neighbor’s alley and faced westward.

The result is an aesthetic view that lets in the exterior light and reduces the heat from the afternoon sun.

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Heron In Mangrove
3' x 3', 302 Pieces - $1.600 includes oak frame
rosette First Prize at the 2011 Texas State Fair For Came Construction

Similarly, the half moon window shown below, which faced south, gave privacy to the master bathroom from an overlooking two story home and cut down on the afternoon's heat.


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