We have been providing beauty and functionality to homeowners since 1998. 
We are members of the Art Glass Association.

Stained glass panels built to fit your window or skylight acts as a triple glaze similar to a storm window and cuts down significantly on the heat that enters your home in those hot summers or the chill from those freezing northers.

We pride ourselves in creating meticulous detail which affords a more realistic and beautiful, original design, enhanced by the age-old skill of painting on glass utilized in ecclesiastical settings since before the 11th century.  In order to create such detail, a combination of copper foil (for detail) and standard lead "cames" are utilized, often in the same design. 

Stained glass panels usually have 20 to 30 pieces per square foot (at a cost between $150 to $200/sq.ft.) Our designs typically have up to twice this number of pieces.

However, like the Heron panel to the left, they can be simplified to "custom-design" a price that fits your budget. We work with you to create a design which is uniquely yours and will not be produced in that exact configuration for anyone else.